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Authentic Presence Workshop

Put aside your everyday habits and discover the joy of being authentically present, responding openly, dynamically and genuinely to the world around you.   

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A set of exercises that helps you to bring out your authentic and genuine self

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Techniques previously reserved only for actors and performers

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Practice connecting honestly and dynamically to other people

Conor Craig-Stephens

Conor is a professional actor and teacher. He trained at LAMDA and has worked on tv, film and stage.

Throughout his extensive training Conor realised that many of the exercises and techniques he learnt were not only useful for acting but could make a positive impact in everyday life. He is passionate about authenticity and playfulness and how much value and joy it can bring to daily life.  

It’s a very interesting workshop for whoever wants to establish more connection to others and with the present moment. It made me aware of how difficult it is usually for us to express fully and authentically and the impact this has in our lives. I’d love to do the workshop again. Also Conor is a very talented fun teacher that makes you feel comfortable during exercises in which you may feel self-conscious.

Laura, London

Upcoming workshops

Date: June 15th

Time: 10:00-13:00 

Location: Islington Arts Factory, N7 0SF

Price: £20

Date: August 19th

Time: 14:30-17:30 

Location: Islington Arts Factory, N7 0SF

Price: £20

To book please email Paul at 

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